What to expect after the Verizon 4G network outage

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It was on April 27, 2011 that something completely unexpected happened to Verizon’s highly praised 4G network. During the night this otherwise fast 4G LTE network simply crashed. If that was not bad enough for a newly introduced network that promised so much, things got worse when the 4G phones all went offline with the network.  Although this surprising outage lasted only one day, the results could be potentially devastating for Verizon as a company.

The outage was comparable to a catastrophe for users of Verizon’s 4G phones, because they could not do anything without access to the high speed data transmissions through the network that had just disappeared. This had caused many problems, especially for people who rely on these smartphones for work. However, the situation was made even worse by how Verizon’s management took care of the situation. Updates regarding the outage and how it was being fixed were available only on Twitter in the form of short tweets. It also took a long time before customers who depend on the 4G service to finally hear that the problem had been found and could be fixed. Overall, it was very unsatisfactory and an occurrence of this magnitude is not quickly forgotten by clients who pay for this service and rely on it.

One of the most important questions being asked now, though, concerns the future of planned 4G mobile smartphones. A few new models that all boasted high end features, fast response times, high quality materials and a variety of productive functions were shown at the CES exhibition for 2011, but until now only one phone has actually been made available to customers. The recent one day 4G outage has made many experts and customers question the capabilities and the limitations of Verizon’s new network. This includes whether or not the network belonging to Verizon can actually handle more high speed 4G phones, as well as whether the phones are maybe too advanced for the new 4G LTE network.  These questions all have to be answered and the only way to get answers is to just observe what happens now with the network and to log any future glitches, outages and crashes of the 4G network.

This lack of trust in the new network, technology and 4G smartphones is something that Verizon will have to deal with for some time to come. Not only are customers and clients now doubtful about the network since the outage, but so is the public in general since rumors quickly spread about the network crash being the result of hackers or terrorists. People who own stocks in Verizon have also expressed some worries since the outage, because of how Verizon handled the situation in general and the fact it took the management so long to even determine what had caused it to happen in the first place.

The Verizon 4G network outage came at a very bad time in terms of business. Other providers, such as Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T all are coming out with their own advanced smartphones and increasing the speed and coverage of their own networks. If people feel that Verizon is unreliable or poses a security risk then there is a good chance that customers will head towards the competition. The recent outage also might result in fewer people switching to Verizon and new customer acquisition, but the numbers have to be collected before the data can be processed.

Generally speaking, though, the recent outage is not something that any company can afford nowadays. Verizon will have to take extra precautions starting today to ensure they don’t take any more hits to their financial situation and reputation.

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