Verizon Wireless – Your car’s new best friend?

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Your car already has a range of computers in it. The computers in your car manage your engine’s output, monitor wheel rotation, assist in braking, control your car’s exterior lighting, and even help keep your windshield clear of rain by controlling the windshield wipers. Some of today‚Äôs cars include navigation for the driver, but cars have remained oblivious to being connected to anything more complicated than an MP3 player. All that’s about to change with Verizon’s showcase of Telematics at the Telematics 2011 Conference in Detroit during June 8 and 9.

Telematics integrates information and telecommunications technologies in vehicles like your car. Telematics provides functionality to your car that includes location-based services, infotainment, safety and security, and data services for the vehicle’s occupants and applications they use. Telematics transforms your vehicle from an MP3-player-connected car into a car with that integrates with always-on connectivity to the internet and the services that support your car.

Verizon provides broad 4G LTE coverage that, combined with technology, creates a vibrant ecosystem of connected services for your car. Among the Telematics services:

Seamless Digital Media provided by Plex. Founded in 2009, Plex created the Plex Media Center that provides access to digital media across a range of devices. Plex Media Center fulfills the promise of a seamless digital media lifestyle.

Airbiquity provides integrated software and wireless communications technologies to create in-vehicle, connected applications. Always connected applications include local point of interest search, streaming audio, local weather, energy consumption through eco-routing to find the best route, engine monitoring and reporting, and integration with Verizon’s V CAST Apps.

Personal Assistance provided by MyAssist – a leading provider of live-agent services. MyAssist provides a proven infrastructure combined with concierge, medical assistance, and emergency travel assistance services. MyAssist helps consumers with restaurant reservations and menu information, roadside assistance, product information and research, and other services that are integrated into your car through Telematics.

Secure mobile communications using the power of cloud computing, provided by TeleCommunication Systems. TeleCommunication Systems provides real-time navigation, asset tracking, hyper-local search and integration with social applications.

The days of synching your MP3 with your computer and carrying it out to you car are history. Your mobile phone is is your personal gateway to the internet and now your car is the gateway to always on connectivity for you, your passengers, and your car – all powered by Verizon’s nation-wide 4G LTE network.

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