The latest rumors about a new iPhone using Verizon’s 4G network

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We are starting to hear all kinds of rumors about a new iPhone from Verizon using its 4G LTE network. Here is what one review listed as product features of this new phone said to be coming out in 2011. The phone has such great features as being 3G and 4G compatible for video chatting, face recognition security software (how like James Bond can you get?), the phone itself is thinner, has HD capability, an OLED screen, extended battery life for talking to all your friends, true built-in GPS features, custom e-mail alerts, and scratch and shatter proof screen. Wow, what a phone apparently! This sounds like something out of a scifi thriller.  It even has an HD camcorder and camera with flash. This is something that Verizon has got to be proud of releasing.

Apple has apparently worked out a deal with Verizon for selling its new iPhones. Verizon says its new broadband system will still be super fast even when millions of users are on it. This is something that most 3G networks cannot handle. The new FaceTime app that is so popular is not available on AT&T, but Verizon apparently has the capabilities to use it on their products.

In other news, Verizon is seeking total exclusivity of the iPhone to keep it out of the hands of T-Mobile and Sprint. They apparently were willing to pay a big premium to Apple in exchange for this exclusive deal. This would help Verizon to enroll a new customer base and still be able to keep the price at about $600. This has got to be a great accomplishment for Verizon to get this exclusivity and knock the other carriers essentially out of this market entirely. They would have rights to the music and other apps as well according to news releases. With news like this, it is good to be Verizon!

Apparently, this new phone would have voice control commands capability. It would enable users to be able to navigate faster through the menu, teach the phone to predict user needs, vary the manner in which voice input is delivered to the phone, and that would ensure that the device does not get confused. Other features would include being able to use it with 3rd party applications, and in conjunction with a MacBook or other desktop computers, and it would also provide visual cues to the users as they navigate through the menu choices as well.

Both the New York Times and WSJ are currently running articles about the iPhone’s launch through Verizon. Others say there is no way that it will be able to run correctly using 4G technology at this time.

Houston, Texas, is one of the 38 markets where Verizon is introducing 4G technology. Verizon is also launching a new tiered-plan pricing system for consumers and businesses.

Surely with this launch, there will be an onslaught of research and development by not just Verizon to work out any kinks, but by other companies who seek to introduce their own imitation of the new iPhone from Verizon.

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