The difference between 3G and 4G

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Some people may not realize the difference between a 4G system and a 3G system. Verizon has launched its newest 4G system in 38 markets. This system is considered to be 4G because it is much, much faster than the existing 3G systems we currently use. So what are the main differences between the two systems? Well, 3G refers to 3rd generation of technology which is what most people are using now for Internet and for their phones. 4G is the 4th generation of technology which is what Verizon has introduced today. It is the new standard for technology intended to replace the 3G technology.  With 4G, you have much faster download speeds for data transference, and your connection speed is also faster.

4G has also abandoned circuit switching that 3G relies upon. The system has all packet switching now so that it is more efficient. 3G is a mixture of the two systems.  3G systems are the technologies most widely employed, but 4G will be sure to catch up quickly. 4G will be much faster than the 3G.

LTE is the newest technology introduced. It refers to Long Term Evolution. 4G will set the standard for mobile phones and be the successor to 3G. It is a competitor to WiMax. This is Verizon’s latest launch of a new innovative system.

What are the advantages of using a 4G network rather than a 3G network? Well, now that 4G is out, 3G will be considered outdated. Also, 4G carries data only so it allows for more broadband width availability so that more data can be sent quickly. The speed is much faster in 4G. The range of availability for 3G networks is 10 miles at best, while it is 30 miles for 4G. There is now no disruption when transferring data from one coverage area to the next one. There are more devices and applications available or soon to be available in 4G. There is the anticipation of a high-def, digital television along with apps for online games, improved GPS, and telemedicine.

VZ4G or Verizon 4G was launched today in 38 markets including major cities and major airports. There is a map available on their website that can show you where these markets are located. They plan to have unlimited or pay-per-use plans and plan to have complete 4G coverage everywhere by the year 2013.  It is truly amazing to think of what technology we have now in our modern world. To find out more about what is 3G and 4G technology, go this link at There is also the Verizon website.

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