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Sprint’s 4G: WiMAX or LTE?

WiMAX, currently offered by Sprint, and LTE – available though Verizon and AT&T are the two major contenders for nationwide 4G service.

Sprint – the first major carrier to offer 4G service and phones – offers its 4G service using WiMAX.

LTE is quickly gaining momentum as carriers in the …

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President Obama announces National Wireless Initiative

Administrations since the Clinton era have largely ignored the benefits and accessibility of “information superhighway”, as the internet was popularly referred to at the time. On February 10 2011 President Obama announced the National Wireless Initiative. Under the initiative 98% of Americans will have access to next-generation wireless coverage, referred …

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4G in the United States: Looking ahead to 2011

Many changes in the wireless telecommunications industry are set to happen in the United States during 2011. The most important is the jump from 3G technology to 4G wireless technology and this change will affect not only the services available from companies in the industry, but also the products and …

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Making Skype video calls using 4G devices from Verizon

One of the most popular ways of communicating online is through the Skype platform. Not only does this communications program allow users to directly contact each other for free, but it also can be used to make cheap phone calls to anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, Skype could only be …

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Verizon Pantech UML290 4G USB modem review

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Pantech UML290 is the second 4G USB modem offered by Verizon for the notebook users on the …

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