New Google Nexus 4G this year?

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Google’s Android phones are among the most popular on the planet, yet Google has only two devices that it makes available on the market. Google created the Nexus handset based on it’s own vision of a handset’s functionality running Android.

In a report, not confirmed by Google, Google’s next update to its popular Nexus could be available for sale this Fall, with new models added to the lineup every Spring and Fall. The new update, expected sometime this Fall, may be called the Nexus 4G and could be powered by Ice Cream Sandwich. Ice Cream Sandwich is the name of Android version 4.0.

Some of the unconfirmed phone’s possible key features include a 4G LTE radio, giving it 4G LTE capabilities on networks like Verizon’s newly expanded 4G LTE network. The next generation Nexus could feature a 720p HD larger format screen, thanks to the absence of any buttons above or below the screen. The phone is completely powered by software running on speedy dual core 1.2Ghz or 1.5Ghz microprocessor backed up by 1GB of RAM. The dual core processor is expected to provide a major boost in performance, outperforming handsets that are expected to launch in the near future, that also feature dual core processors.

The new phone is said to feature a 1Mpixel front-facing camera, plus an enhanced 5Mpixel rear-facing camera. The rear camera is said to operate exceptionally well in low-light conditions making it perfect for indoor photos without those annoyingly non-functional, LED, excuse-for-a-flash flashes featured on a number of other phones.

Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich, Android version 4.0, is expected to deliver an operating system that combines the best of previous versions of Android, Gingerbread and Honeycomb. This update is anticipated to be the most important update to the platform since it was released.

Google’s own branded Nexus handset is limited to two models, with the Nexus providing a reference architecture. Motorola created its own branded reference architecture handsets with it’s Droid for Android 2.0 and it’s Xoom for Android 3.0, yet this next handset could be Google Nexus branded.

Combined with Google’s new Wallet service – its mobile payment service, the Nexus could tip the market towards bigger screens and more functionality. Google’s Wallet service allows users to pay for goods by tapping their phone at selected retailers in New York and San Francisco.

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