Making Skype video calls using 4G devices from Verizon

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One of the most popular ways of communicating online is through the Skype platform. Not only does this communications program allow users to directly contact each other for free, but it also can be used to make cheap phone calls to anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, Skype could only be used on computers, notebooks and in a limited way on Verizon 3G smartphones. However, that will soon change and as Verizon Wireless has now announced that its customers will soon be able to make video calls using Skype on their 4G devices.

This announcement was made at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show and the decision to enable Skype Mobile on 4G devices came as a result of consumer demand. In 2010 Verizon and Skype made it possible for Verizon Wireless customers to use Skype Mobile on their smartphones, but the video function was not an option. As of now, customers are still limited in what they can do and can only make Skype to Skype calls using their wireless devices from Verizon.

The devices compatible with the Skype mobile platform will all be Android based smartphones. These phone devices will be available by summer of 2011 and will use the 4G LTE network of Verizon Wireless. A number of different phones will be available to choose from, but all with have front and rear cameras so that customers will be able to make video calls with each other through Skype.

For a long time now customers have wanted to make video calls using their wireless devices, because it is much more appealing to be able to see friends and family while talking to them. Until now this has not really been possible for many technical and marketing reasons, but everything changed during December when Verizon Wireless launched its one-of-a-kind 4G LTE Mobile Broadband network.

Presently, this network reaches around a third of all people in the United States and that means that not everyone will be able to use the Skype with video application right away. However, Verizon has already stated that coverage will increase over the next few years and the new 4G network will take over the entire area covered by the older 3G network.

Using the Skype mobile with video application is possible on the 4G network from Verizon, because it is the fastest network in the United States. This 4G network also has many other qualities that make it ideal for video calling and this includes the interference free and low latency qualities of the connection. Due to the low latency, which means that the network has virtually no delays between the input and the output of a connection, the video calls made with Skype will have a high quality and little lagging regardless of where in the world the parties are located. The 4G LTE Mobile Broadband network is also around ten times faster than the previously used 3G network and that allows not only a clear crisp video, but also real time chatting.

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