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Boost US competitiveness and economic growth through 4G technologies

Mobile broadband, or mobile high-speed internet access, continues to provide America with significant economic befits and boosts competitiveness. The Obama administration views the mobile internet sector as a means to drive a sluggish economy to spur recovery and growth.…

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AT&T USBConnect Momentum 4G LTE USB Modem review

AT&T has recently launched the USBConnect Momentum, which is one of its first dedicated 4G LTE devices.…

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VoIP critical for 4G network monetization

A new study by Wireless 20/20 found that a key means to add value and monetize a 4G network is to deploy VoIP. The study showed that wireless carriers can significantly increase their Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) when offering VoIP, as opposed to offering only voice and data services.…

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4G – Magic Beans?

Public Knowledge, a Washington, D.C.-based public interest group that promotes innovation and the rights of consumers, while working to stop any bad legislation from passing that would slow technology innovation, shrink the public domain, or prevent fair use, published a white paper called 4G + Data Caps = Magic Beans. …

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Verizon) 4G LTE tablet review

Verizon has announced the availability of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G LTE tablet. Verizon claims that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G LTE is the thinnest, fastest and lightest tablet in the market. Let us see if it really is!…

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