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4G operators at CES

This year at the Consumer Electronic Show, like every year, we could see all of the gadget makers show off their new products for the coming year. This included smartphone makers, along with all the carriers on which these phones will work. All of the US carriers talked in depth …

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Why 4G availability in the UK is years from completion

Cell phone networks are getting increasing use, and people expect faster and faster speeds. In order to fulfill that demand, providers are moving to 4G, also called LTE networks. These high speed networks promise faster speeds for all, and bring within everyone’s palm the latest and greatest technology, allowing them …

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The consequences of stopping the AT&T T-Mobile merger

AT&T has been trying to acquire T-Mobile for over a year now, with the deal being worth $39 billion. At first, the company was certain that it would get its way, even going so far as offering a very high default settlement, the money they would have to pay T-Mobile …

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Sprint to speed up 4G LTE deployment and streamline services

Sprint held a talk at the recent Sprint Open Solutions Conference in Santa Clara, in front of hundreds of developers and industry experts, where the company CEO outlined their plans for the future, along with news that their LTE deployment would be sped up, in an attempt to streamline their …

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Why is the iPhone 4S lacking 4G LTE?

Anyone reading this site for a long time knows that LTE, also known as true 4G, is the future of the cell phone industry. Right now, both AT&T and Verizon are rolling out LTE deployments across the US, and other companies are doing the same thing around the world. LTE …

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