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How the Lumia 900 may be Microsoft and Nokia’s best shot at US marketshare

The Lumia 900 is Nokia’s latest Windows Phone device, and it gets added to the quickly growing pile of other devices that features the Microsoft operating system. But this device is special. Not because of its hardware, what’s on it, or really anything else about the phone itself. In fact, …

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Apple’s new iPad comes with 4G LTE support

There’s no question that the news of the hour, in fact the news of the week, was the new iPad that Apple introduced to the world on March 6. Like any other Apple products, the rumors have been going wild for a long time now, and while everyone was expecting …

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T-Mobile USA’s rollout plan for 4G LTE

There’s no question that the future of cell phone providers lies with 4G, or LTE to be exact, and every company out there is working hard at laying out their high speed network to offer their customers the highest speed they can, and claim that they too are on board …

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Telus to start their own 4G LTE network in Canada

There’s no question that LTE is where the cellphone providers are headed, and every major company has been busy rolling out their 4G support over the past years. In Canada, all the major providers are at some point in their roll out, and now Telus is joining the party, announcing …

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ITU decides LTE-Advanced is True 4G

4G is one of those terms that keep coming back through marketing brochures for what the latest technologies happen to be in the cellphone market. Every carrier claims to have true 4G, and has been claiming that for years, regardless of what they actually use. The reason was simply because …

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