Alvarion deploys WiMAX 4G municipal network in Houston

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Recently, the well known 4G communications company Alvarion started servicing the city of Houston. This is a major step towards implementing a fast infrastructure for communications within the city that is meant to one day enhance the quality of life for everyone living within the city’s limits. Not only the city residents of Houston will benefit from the Alvarion 4G wireless network, but the city itself will also save millions of dollars each year.

The implementation of Alvarion’s 4G network in Houston is part of an innovative plan called the Smart City project. The intentions of this project are to improve existing government communications, allowing city residents more access to the city services, make public services like traffic safety more efficient and reduce the overall cost of connectivity. In order to be able to set up a plan that covers all of the needs, specialists from Alvarion had to work closely with Houston city officials over a substantial period of time. Once a 4G network was setup that fulfilled all of the city’s goals and requirements, the right products had to be found.

Although not all of the advanced goals have been fulfilled immediately, many of the short term goals have been. This includes free Internet for all community and public centers for children, of which there are already twenty being serviced by the 4G network. In the long run, Houston plans on also being able to remotely manage other city services, such as waste or water management. One advantage of working with Alvarion that will pay out quickly, is that less base stations will be required to provide high performance coverage citywide, and that makes connectivity in Houston more reliable, as well as less expensive since it is easier to maintain.

However, Alvarion is not the actual provider of the WiMAX 4G network. Instead it is only a company that provides connectivity and communications solutions to problems facing various entities, including large cities like Houston by working out deals with owners of existing networks in a particular area. The company was able to cover all the major points of the Smart City project, and one of the milestones was when Alvarion worked out a deal with a 4G provider to grant more than 300,000 low income residents of Houston free access to this high speed network. Other solutions included enabling remote access and control of traffic intersection and school zone flashers to city workers, setting up hotspots throughout the city and increasing security.

For such an important project, it is only logical that a reliable, reputable and technologically advanced company that works with 4G networking be chosen. Alvarion was a very good choice for a number of reasons and it is fairly obvious why Houston chose their solutions over those offered by other companies. One of the most important reasons, though, is that the Tel Aviv based Alvarion is a leader in the field of network and communications solutions. They also provide solutions for a wide range of wireless technologies, such as WiMAX and WiFi. In addition, Alvarion has experience setting up and implementing functional state-of-the-art solutions specifically designed for municipalities, public safety agencies, utilities and mobile broadband 4G networks.

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