4G networks around the world

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Verizon launched the world’s largest wireless network this month. They were recently named as The World’s Best by Global Traveler magazine. With all the press and good news coming out about their new product iPhone with Apple, could this be the year of Verizon? It would certainly appear as if this company has reached a golden age of enlightenment and celebrity.

ClearWire is starting to build out all its markets this year through their 4G Wireless WIMAX system. They are hoping to use Verizon competitors like Sprint and Time Warner Cable, etc., to open up the market for their product. It will not be clear to users that they are using ClearWire as they will go through these other providers for services. GSM Associates has also announced it is coming out with VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and Short Message Services sometime next year.

Verizon will seek to double its 4G network by 2012, cover all its older 3G area with 4G coverage by 2013, and expand into more areas with 4G that do not even have 3G coverage at the present time. They are aggressively moving forward with these goals in mind for the next few years.

TeliaSonera, a Swedish company, introduced a 4G network of its own throughout Sweden and Norway last year, introducing 4G in Finland as well. Telia has 4G coverage in 20 cities in Sweden as of today.

Many companies see the 4G networks as the best way to deal with the broadband width requirements by many individuals and business owners. This network is going to make lots of money, but there are sure to be headaches that go right along with that.

There is a new company owned by US billionaire, Phillip Falcone. This is LightSquared, which plans to aggressively go after 92% of the US shares of wireless networks by 2015. They want a market of satellite and land-based wireless services in place by then. Nokia and Qualcomm will work jointly on items for this company’s network. After the network comes out, they will also release smartphones and other devices to the public.

More than one-third of the world’s population, some 2 billion users, are covered by either a 3G or a 4G network. 82% of Western Europe is covered by 3G networks, while only about 12% of Asian-Pacific markets are covered. There is a large gap which will soon be lessened as there are Chinese and Indian companies coming out with new networks in the future.  It would seem the entire world will be wired for wireless networks in the near future. This can only be seen as a good development as technology must keep up with growing consumer demands for more bandwidth and business technologies demanding higher-speed wireless connectivity. We can only benefit from such developments from all these innovative companies around the world.

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