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Verizon’s Chief CEO, Ivan Seidenberg, says he thinks that the new 4G networks could be the perfect substitute for cable or Internet access for the average homeowner. He figures consumers will do some “cord cutting” and cut loose from their cable providers and simply use the Internet for their entertainment needs.

Verizon has just released their new wireless 4G services with speeds that are comparable to the normal landline. Some people will switch over, while others will continue as they are now. Verizon has also invested in Fios which will give them an even greater speed to work with. They also plan to have TV and Internet bundles. Verizon can recoup the costs of media content in order to provide this service, something that cable companies will not be able to do most likely. The cable companies have an interest in keeping the services separate so they can provide the cable themselves. Verizon sees themselves as being the best provider for both entertainment and internet services for the consumer.

Both Verizon and Vodaphone Group own a joint interest in Verizon, the country’s biggest wireless service provider. They have no plans for dividends this year, but rather plan to announce one next year in 2011 that would be payable in 2012.

Ivan Seidenberg is planning to retire during the second half of 2011, but he foresees no major changes on the horizon as Lowell McAdam steps in to take charge.

So, what other plans does Verizon have on the horizon? Well, they have just recently released their new 4G network. This is going rather well for them. What can consumers look forward to? Well, they are planning to have a Verizon iPhone released sometime in 2011. Apple has been very interested in what Verizon plans to do in the future. They are planning a 4G iPad as well, but release dates are not known on that one. So, it would seem that consumers will be the winners in the technology wars between the two superpowers. They will both work separately and together to come up with the best 4G products that consumers are lucky enough to discover.

Apple is greatly interested in Verizon’s use of LTE technology and the tiered layers of service that would most likely develop because of it. Consumers would stand to benefit from the new offerings they can choose from both these companies and the price savings because they are both huge companies that can absorb the costs. Smartphones will arrive by the middle of 2011, and Verizon is claiming success in helping make the Android famous to many people.

When this new phone comes out, consumers will be able to make use of the 4G network offered by Verizon. It seems that the iPhone is getting criticized as having problems with its system even for 3G so any new improvements by Verizon would be welcomed greatly by consumers. They can look forward to the next generation of smartphones with the backing of a great company.

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