3G vs 4G

The latest mobile phone technology is 4G. 4G being adopted by carriers around the world and the changes are happening faster than expected. In the US alone, one carrier expects that 16 million people will make the switch to 4G by the end of this year alone.

4G is a new mobile phone standard that offers data speeds users of 3G phones can not even imagine, let alone simply believe. High-speed data is important for video on demand, like during a video call or for on-demand movies on your phone, and is important for delivering lots of current information to your phone. 4G also makes it possible for some carriers to offer unlimited data plans. Some carriers can offer unlimited data plans because they can squeeze more traffic, more data, onto their existing network at the same time, so you effectively could use as much data as you like without worrying about being billed a lot. Other carriers offer 4G services in a way that makes calls more reliable inside buildings, so you will notice fewer dropped calls, you’ll be able to use your phone in places a 3G phone could not get a signal, and you’ll always be in touch because there will be fewer places that the signal cannot reach.

4G phones are also built to handle voice and data communications at the same time. They do this by taking advantage of your carrier’s network – your phone sends your voice call through one part of the network, while data travels on another part of the network. The benefit to the carrier is better use of existing resources, less consumption of power, and less maintenance, which translates into more reliable calls and data services.

Another great feature of 4G is that it uses IP – the same thing that carries all of the traffic on the internet. IP-based communications open a range of possibilities and make communication over the internet much more efficient. 3G networks do a lot of work to convert data coming into and from your phone into IP-based traffic so that it can travel on the internet. That work is unnecessary with 4G, which translates into a better, faster and more reliable connection with your favorite internet-based services, like Skype, Facebook, and Twitter and others.

4G phones are smaller and faster than 3G phones, plus use less battery power, and use the power they have much more efficiently when compared to 3G phones. If you’re like many and have to charge your phone’s battery during the day, chances are that a new 4G phone won’t have the same problem even though it’s faster and offers more features.

The change to 4G is inevitable – it is no longer a matter of whether to switch, it’s when to switch to 4G. Major carriers at home and around the world are making the change now and phones just keep improving. Get better speed, better connectivity, and better use out of your phone and make the switch to 4G.